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Acurda Melchizedek

Acurda Melchizedek: DNA Architect

Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya Sophia: Myrrhophore, Mystic and Author

Carrie Ann Baade: Visionary Artist

Hemalayaa Behl: Teacher, TV Host, and Life Enhancement Facilitator.

Lainie Love Dalby

Lainie Love Dalby: Galactic Rainbow Shaman

Lissa Coffey: Ayurveda Expert

Shelley Young

Shelley Young: Hypnotherapist & Trance Channel/Medium

Alexis Cohen: Shamanic Healer & Visionary Artist

Beth Osmer

Beth Osmer: Certified Hypnotherapist

Daniel Scranton

Daniel Scranton: Verbal Channel & Sound Healer

Jessie Starr: Consciousness Teacher & Oracle

Lincoln Gergar: Spiritual Teacher & Channel

Lotus Sky

Lotus Sky: Transformational Musician & Shamanic Servant

Sigrid Van Heerwaarden: Highly Accurate Channel, Spiritual Teacher

Amanda Sage: Visionary Artist

Bonnie Vent

Bonnie Vent: Medium, Channeler and Spirit Advocate

Desda Zuckerman: Author, Visionary, Spiritual Healer, Speaker, Teacher

Justine Serebrin: Visionary Artist

Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett: Author & Akashic Record Teacher

Lou Martin: Channel

Tash Mitch: Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master & Channel

Ana Paula Munoz

Ana Paula Muñoz: Spiritual Architect

Caledonia Curry: Visionary Artist

Eva Charlotte: International speaker, trainer, guide & facilitator.

Karen Neumann: Channel & Psychic

Lisa Love: Certified Master Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Energetic Healer

Mykal Aubry: Visionary Artist

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